The need to read: Can you imagine the life of an adult who doesn’t know how to read? I never could, I mean it’s been so long since I learned how, that I’d taken it for granted. These people don’t, and it’s something you might like to think about. Despite the fact that Canada has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, these people have fallen through every crack in the system. With multiple barriers to employment, they are trying to make their life better at First United Church. These students are learning to read, studying to get a GED, or otherwise improve their reading comprehension and basic math skills. For their efforts they are provided with a clean well lit space to study, and lunch, so that they can concentrate. That’s me on the left, My friend Sandra Mackay asked me to come to the class room at First United and show the students my books. It was a wonderful experience to meet these people; they were a kind and considerate audience. I would challenge everyone to participate in community literacy. Knowing how to read, and having the ability to understand, is not privilege it is a Right.